Saturday, October 06, 2007

What not to wear. Or watch.

As if there weren't enough of various pieces of knitwear I'd like to make, it seems that I can't even watch the tv any more. Knitted items are everywhere, never mind the type of program you're watching.

Let's start with this young man who was brave enough to enter the 'What not to wear' show. He didn't make it through the pre-selection, but even so, Mica made some comments on his outfit (and remember the hat or whatever it was from last posting? It would have matched rather well with this sweater, don't you think?).

What not to wear

Then, in an old Judge John Deed series, there was this lady wrapped in lace. Too bad one couldn't see the details.

Bad luck continued in 'Waterloo Road'. This lady was wearing a smashing cardigan and cracking jokes at the dinner table. Next thing I knew, she went upstairs and committed suicide. There goes the hope of seeing the ever again.

Same goes for this cable sweater worn by Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks. How can a simple telephone cord destroy so many details?

Eventually she lost the phone. Or the plot.

Robin Hood was almost too fast to be photographed. By the time I've grabbed the camera, a dozen men had got killed and the rest were riding so fast that no details could be seen. I wonder what happened to this chap - he seems to have been frozen which doesn't surprise me since that's a relatively open weave. (which reminds me that in 'Friends' there's a scene involving a crocheted afghan.)

Dolores Umbridge of Hogwarts seems to be a fan of the classic 'Fifi' pattern, a favourite of lots of Finnish knitters.

And last but not least, look how Friday night with Jonathan Ross and his dog turned out. The poor pooch was wearing a commando mask which was allegedly padded so that the dog's ears were protected against noise. Yeah, right.

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