Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ars longa, vita brevis

My summer holiday wouldn't have been complete, had I not visited a couple of art exhibitions. One of them was called "Pimp my handicrafts" and this is exactly what the artists had done - although I must confess that when looking at some of those pieces of art, I could claim my whole home is an art gallery. And an expensive one! I just wish I live long enough to release all my artistic creativity.

Who wouldn't love to sew with these sewing machines.

I chose to show you the following objecs because of the cringe effect they had. First, this cat was just evil!

And this mattress material reminds me of the experiments I did when I was little. Take a burning candle and test your mattress. It's amazing I'm still alive. Afterwards, the material felt just disgusting.

Now, if you have too many childhood dolls left, why not give them a good old red Indian treatment and harvest their scalps? You can use them to make a poodle.

Recognise them?

This exhibition was held in an old mansion, and one of its late owners was extremely interested in clothes and different kinds of puppets. While most of her collections have been moved into a separate museum, these old family premises still provide a nice venue for all all the rural objects and artefacts, like this traditional Finnish rug on the wall of the cafeteria there.

There were various types of puppets on display too, like this primitive cow.

And this couple was sort of keeping an eye on the whole room.

Again, some old craftmanship caught my eye - sunflower wood carvings.

And despite what you might think, these were pieces of art as well. They're called "Mission Impossible" I and II. Wonder why...


kik said...

Tuon sinisen singerin harmaa serkku asustaa äitini luona. Tuli kotiin jouluna 1964 ja pelittää vieläkin mahtavasti. Jos muut ei ompele kyllä singeri vetää - on nimittäin poljettava ja sik-sak-kone. Äiti tienasi koneella leipää lapsille koko 60-luvun. Mahtava kone.

Daniela said...

Oh, I fell in love with the sewing machine:-))))
Greetings from Cologne

Mlle F. said...

merci pour tes reportages sur les expos!