Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Finns are at it again!

The Finnish online knitting magazine Ulla is has just come out and it's worth seeing, believe you me. "All" the Finnish readers probably flock the site at the moment, but let's hope you'll get in as well. And here's a challenge to all the foreigners who read this: go and figure out what's "cast on", "knit" and "yarn" in Finnish. And I'm sure that the designers are just as kind as they are talented - if you fancy a pattern, I'm sure that it can be translated into English as well.


Sarita said... I haven't plugged this into a translation program. I am just taking a guess.

Luo = cast-on
Neulo = knit
Ompele = purl

Don't laugh! It took me forever just to find the patterns :)

AnneV said...

Hooray for our first brave foreigner. The two first words are absolutely correct. The third one, "ompele" means to sew. Purl would be "neulo nurjaa". Well done! Now we just want to find out one basic term: "lanka" means..?