Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Knitting and Stitching Show - an epic journey

As always, I'm falling behind in my schedules. Travelling between two countries doesn't really help, neither does the fact that when visiting Finland a couple of days ago, there were some delays in European air traffic. It was a classic example from the series "things you don't want to hear from the pilot": there's something wrong with the plane but we don't quite know what it is. And please keep your seatbelts fastened at all times, we're expecting to have a rough ride tonight. But here I still am, alive and kicking, though not knitting as much as I'd like to.

The Knitting and Stitching Show ended almost a month ago and I still haven't told you the rest of the story. And to be quite honest, I don't think I'll ever tell you everything what happened there. Hihi. Here are some highlights, though.

If you've followed this blog for a longer period of time, there has been an introduction of the Knitting and Stitching show and what is on display there. It's quite a mix of international exhibitors, who are both selling crafts materials and artists showing their work. There are knitting gurus like Sasha Kagan and Debbie Bliss (Nicky Epstein wasn't there this year but she was surely missed), as well as other prominent figures of the arts and crafts world. Personally I've enjoyed most the displays of the Japanese artists - but they weren't there this year either. And when I've got myself started on complaining, let's go on: I really think that the yarn manufacturers' fashion shows should be free - now they're charging 3 £ per show. First, the entrance tickets cost 12 £ per day and then there were four different fashion shows by Patons, Rowan, Bernina and Sirdar. Attending all of them would bring the total to 24 pounds - then go and have some lunch and maybe two cups of coffee..and you'll find that your yarn-buying budget has been seriously dented. Missing the fashion shows doesn't really bother me, but this performance being fully booked really p*ssed me off. Then I considered travelling back to London another time - they're playing there next Monday - but that would have meant taking two extra days off from work (and using next year's holidays in advance), and while I was pondering this matter, even that show became fully booked. Great.

But let's have a look at the best bits of the show before I bore you all with this whining. Sarah Lawrence's work is exquisite. (and as often happens, I had found her web pages by accident a while ago, I think it was via Falklandwool. If you're into spinning, just have a quick look inside that link. But beware, if your self control isn't on high alert.) Then there's this brand new type of ecologically friendly knitting yarn. I'm kicking myself because I didn't buy any samples of Eco-Annie yarns. Some yarns felt rather coarse but I guess they wouldn't stay that way when washed a couple of times. Next time when I have a chance of collecting some samples, I'll definitely grab it. That's what I did at Selvedge's stand: last year I saw some back issues I wanted to buy but didn't want to carry around for two days, and when I returned to their stand on the last show day, they had sold out. Luckily there were huge piles of magazines this year and I got the ones I wanted. If you're looking for a all-round textile oriented magazine (and eye candy), this might be something for you. This is what they promise to deliver: " Selvedge Magazine... offers the world's finest textile photography, unparalleled design and peerless writing..." A-hum, they sure aren't too modest, are they?

Now, my strategy is to throw some photos at you and come back with some (shopping) links later. Let's start with samples of The Knitted Textile Students Awards 2006

Kyllä vain, ne ON tutteja tuossa neulepinnassa.

What a clever construction:
Inspiring, isn't it? Now, who's got any leftover yarn?
Vibrant reds

Sorry, I have trouble imagining how the hairy bits would add to my personal charm, if I were to knit socks like this.
And no-one told you that you could create the same effect more easily by using Online Solo yarn?

Woo-hoo! Meilläpä on apinankarvalankaa - eikä me pelätä käyttää sitä!

Voi sinua, äitin pikku vääräsääri, kyllä sinä olet sitten suloinen!

This garment is hugging you from every direction.
Colour, structure, feathers and frilly bits. What else can you ask for?

Kauneimmankin ruusun alla piilee piikki pistävä... vai miten se meni?

Jane Waller's work - too bad that the publishing of her book was delayed.


Minna said...

Apinalanka rulettaa!

Marjut said...

Mulle kans! Mulle kans!

ilu said...

olit sitten mun blogissa äimistellyt tuota huopasesta "huovutettua" (huom. lainausmerkit) irokeesipipoa. Siinä oli tosiaan ohjeet, että kuinka monta kerrosta ensin tehdää levennyksiä ja kuinka pitkäksi siiten lieve neulotaan. ja tuo oli tulos.

nauratti muuten jo silloin, eikä vain nyt.

AnneV said...

Huopasesta on tottavieköön moneksi. Mä olen hiljattain neulonut siitä kalkkunan. Kuvia tulee Thanksgivingin aikoihin.

Mutta se musta pipo +tai siis millä nimellä lopputulos sitten kulkeekaan - oli kyllä aika koketti.

Ja Minna ja Marjut: be careful what you wish for - you might just get it.

routa said...

noniin onhan täälläkin blogissa joku jo kotona. kyllä on kyläilty vaikka ei huhuuta olekaan jätetty. onkohan tuo jokin vasikanjuotto neulomus tuo tutillinen?

Anonymous said...

anne, taisin äsken löytää vihjeen siitä mitä Lontoossa tapahtui :-)
oletko lauantaina tulossa Rotterdamin S&B-tapahtumaan? Jos olet, ota yhteyttä.

Riitta (

Raglana said...

Onpahan ollut mielenkiintoista nähtävää. Messutuliaisten kohdalla taitaa aina jäädä vähän kaivelemaan, otti tai jätti.

Koskahan Novitalle ilmestyy noi sukat, esim. Nalle+jokin niistä hörhölangoista... (inhoväristyksiä) - Raija

AnneV said...

Riitta: O-ou. Ei voi ihminen näköjään mitään touhuilla salassa. Ei auta vaikka lähtis toiseen maahan, aina jää kiinni ;-)

Juu, tulossa ollaan. Lähetin sulle viestin (uudelleen). Jos ei tuu perille, niin sitten mun yahoo on ikuisesti kirottu.