Monday, April 02, 2007

Come on, knit faster! Get more done!

Once again, I missed the Secret Pal blog guideline that there should be a posting on Sunday. Sorry, group leader, I wasn't here. And dear Secret Pal, if you see this: where art Thou?

I have just returned after three days on the road, and this is quite how I feel right now:

It was time for the yearly Hobby & Handicrafts fair in Cologne, Germany. I'll be back with more pictures, a longer story and above all, some new blog recommendations of the people I met. It was so much fun meeting you all, and beware, I will contact you next time I'm visiting your city.

The show is supposed to present the future trends of the coming winter, but let's enjoy the summer and the butterflies first.

The colour combinations of sock yarns has been widely discussed, but the hard times should be over: Kaffe Fassett has been asked to do some new designs which should be easier on the eye.

See how cleverly I guided you to the next theme: I spent two days in Cologne and on the way back from there, I took a detour via Jülich (also in Germany). Two colourful men, Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably guided us past mountains of yarn and gave hints on which ones were worth picking up. I had stayed up for yours during the previous night, trying to finish my swatch... which I did, around 2.30 am. I'll tell you more when I've had some rest. Now I could almost kill for a good night's sleep in my own bed... and I just might get that if I stopped writing this and actually did something to promote that idea. I'll be back.


Bobbi said...

Ooooo, I LOVE the Regia sock yarn! I wonder how long it will be before we get it here in the US!?! It's beautiful!

I was in Cologne last year. Unfortunately, it was Good Friday and all the knit shops were closed. Boo Hoo!

TiinaV said...

Ihania Regian värejä! Tahtoo!

Dominique said...

Looks like you had a good time in Koln. But is the fair not a proffesional visitors only ? How did you manage to get in ?

Jatta said...

Voi sua yön haamuilijaa..

Kerran kysyin miitissä että miten pääset aina noin mahtaviin paikkoihin ja mulle vastattiin: "se asuu Saksassa" :D Kateellinen olen.

Lynchistä: Mulholland Drive on yks mun lempparileffoista. Kade siitäkin kun pääsit näytelmään. Nyyh..

Ja kiitos vielä spesiaalitoimituksesta. Syvästi kumartaa hän.

Aud said...

Hi Anne,

I tried a week ago to add a comment but it doesn't work - I see it only now by visiting you again!

Here I am, your neighbour at the Kaffe Fasset class 3 weeks ago.

I have not so much time now but I will visit you again!

Greetings from Cologne