Sunday, April 22, 2007

Something old, something new, something blue

There are still several photos of winter patterns in my camera, but maybe I'll save them for later. Let's just have a quick look at some new things which were presented at the fair. Some of them are available as we speak, some will arrive in stores in the months to come.

First, here's Austermann's 'black box', a collection of interchangable circular needles. Already available at Martinas Bastel- und Hobbykiste (for instance) and for a reasonable price as well.

And here's a glimpse of the famous Lace Addis with their sharp(er) tip which should make lace knitting much easier.

Here's the top of the needle zoomed in . And you may well call me spoiled, picky or just plain ignorant but having tried knitting with them, I'm not convinced that the whole hype is worth it. Sure, they're sharper than before, but judging by the comments on some knitting groups, one would almost expect that they'd knit anything by themselves. What comes to sharpness, I recently bought a pair of Prym bamboos which are just first-class (at least I think they were Pryms, must check though because the words 'sharp' and 'Prym' don't seem to match). Luckily the Lace Addis aren't any more expensive than normal ones and I might invest in a couple of them, should there be a sudden circular needle shortage, but it'll just be an Addi-tion to my collection, I don't expect any miracles.

I think there was a note before that Regia has hired Kaffe Fassett to design some colour combinations for its new designe sock yarn line. There are two kinds: the stripey Landscape Effect and the more random Mirage, and if I remember correctly, they'll hit the shops during this summer.

Then there's Regia Pompon, described by this photo much better than what I could say about it.

And finally: can you guess what this is all about?

Is that a knitting needle or are you just happy to see me?

Must be hot, fighting in all this knitted gear...

Yess, we won!

And here's the result: Regia's Galaxy yarn, which is said to form all sorts of circles and Jupiter's rings by itself. - Well, if I wanted to be nasty, I could ask what's new in that respect. Lots of sock yarn have done that before :-)


Jenn said...

I wonder if the Austerman needles are the same as the Knitpicks ones - the little purple tags look identical. And yes, hasn't anyone at Regia had a sock yarn do that before?

Totoro said...

Ääääk, nyt meni teet väärään kurkuun. Ja minä kun kuvittelin, ettei neulomisella ja Darth Vaderilla olisi mitään yhteistä. "Come to the dark side, little knitter, and I will speed your knitting, sew the nasty seams for you and block your larger than life shawls in an instant".

Jorun said...

Hmm, I'm not sure about Regia...

Kaffe Fasset: Looks great, at least in landscape.

Galaxy: I hate this effect, personally, but I know others who find it charming in handpainted yarn. But in industrypainted? Nah, I'm not convinced

Pompon: Is this as awful in true life as in my mind? Who would like to knit these socks? Who would like to wear them? Horrible! (Or did I just miss one of the greatest new ideas to hit the sock market?)