Friday, September 21, 2007

Old news

Oh, where did a whole week go? I remember bits and pieces of it, but most of it just
disappeared without a trace. Have been working late, so the grocery stores are closed by the time I get home - with the exception of last Wednesday when I just left everything and went to our local knitting meeting here in Brussels. Lots of new faces there, the group is still growing. On a personal note, I want to say that on the way there I did go to a local yarn shop which is near-by and showed remarkable self control there; bought a pair of rosewood needles which came even in size 2.0 mm (for straight needles that's not common). Last weekend I visited Aachen, just to stack up some new patterns and knitting needles and buttons and clasps - and almost no yarn. I guess it's like methadone to Amy Winehouse: you desperately want the real thing but if you can't get it, any substitute will do. Can't buy yarn, so bring on all the other stuff. And as if to tease and torture me, there were sales of summer yarn: 1 euro per ball. Ok, 'fess up: bought three. That's three balls, not three kilos, you silly!

Otherwise it's been a week of progress but I won't show any photos until they're all finished. There's a new green bag in the house, based on moebius knitting, and the mellow baby yellow thingy I had with me in the meeting is turning into a bag as well. (Although the people who saw me knitting it during one lunch hour, might start a rumour that there she was, the crazy Finn, knitting something that looked like a baby garment. Yeah, for a sumo-size baby. One might also camouflage chicken in it.) One more Hyrna shawl made of Grignasco's merino silk has seen the daylight, Noro's Cashmere flavour is turning into colourful squares and Habu's silk and steel is turning into a fine mess. And the buttons I bought in Aachen last weekend have found an excellent hiding place. They were meant to be attached to a cardie I made earlier this year, but I just can't find the small paper bags they are in. Can't have left them in the shop? As a punishment, I'll stay at home until they're found. Actually, I really should be motivated by that decision, since on Sunday there's a hobby fair in Mechelen. If I can find the buttons by then, I get to buy something else - and if I don't, I should find some other red and black buttons there. So, even if it's carless Sunday, have to get to Mechelen :-)

Here's an update on the items that *have* been finished and weighed.

The handles of the 'Pocahontas' bag weren't too easy to attach. There were drilled holes in them, but even after sewing them on, they didn't look nice. I used all the yarn to make these felted leaves, and after attaching the handles, I just needle felted and sew the leaves on the top of the handles.

And here's the other felted bag finished.

While this moebius thingy has turned into a bag as well - it's just not been weighed yet and I'll only show it once it can be included in yarn consumption calculations.

9828 grams - 200 g (Pocahontas) - 198 g (for the other bag) + 150 g (three balls of yarn) = 9580 grams still to go.

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Emily said...

I went to the fair yesterday and was a bit dissapointed, but it was ok.

You should visit Klaziens Kreatie though, you might already have seen her! :D Her new Silk yarn is so nice! She's at the far right row when you enter, in the back, the last booth on the right (I started at the left row, so it was the last booth I visited, I already started thinking she wasn't there!).

Hope you have fun!