Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who likes a challenge?

Sometimes I question my sanity. It's one of those moments right now. This month's target is to make one more shawl following Japanese charts and using Rowan's Kidsilk Haze yarn. This is what I'm after:

and here's my pitiful start.

As if that wasn't enough to make me aware of the sheer improbability of finishing on time, I even made calculations. The shawl body consists of 616 rows and the edging needs a whopping 1634 rows... if I follow the pattern, that is. Had to use averages, because the edging goes in zig-zag and the amount of stitches increases and decreases, but here are some rough numbers. The amount of stitches in the body / edging / altogether.

And this should make knitting even more interesting (or should I say depressing). I made some calculations and plan to fill in daily progress. If I feed the spreadsheet with the amount of finished rows, it calculates the finished percentage, the amount of still unfinished stitches and, given the amount of remaining days in March, the amount of stitches I should finish every day. Now, who fancies a target of some 4,000 daily stitches? If that was turned into mittens or socks, how much would it be? I leave that calculation to someone else. If you're looking for me, you know where I'll be: on the sofa, knitting.

P.S. 1
I just heard that there's another (French-speaking) knitting group here in Brussels. They gather every Friday at Arthur's, around 4pm to 8pm. Actually, it's the initiative of one of the owners, so knitters feel extremely welcome there. The other group I've been participating in, gathers once a month on the other side of the town, so the trip there takes quite a lot of time and if I can't leave the office on time, I'll only have about 45 minutes to enjoy the meeting. Therefore, this "new" group would be so much easier, especially because it takes only two minutes to get there by train.

P.S. 2:
Does anybody know why this new version of Blogger causes an update on a blog list? Every single thing someone does here, be it a draft posting or a left comment, seems to give out the false impression that the blog has been updated, resulting in disappointed readers flocking here. Help, anyone?

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Jane said...

I know it will take some time to do this shawl, but it's really beautiful and I think it will be worth the effort. I also bought the same magazine and hope to knit this shawl and the other one in there as well. I have no idea why blogger is doing that to you. It's not doing it to me and I'm on blogger too! Good luck with the shawl. I don't think your start is pitiful at all.