Friday, December 02, 2005

Tilasit sitten japanilaisia neulekirjoja? Sää et oo kyllä ihan viisas. - Japanese knitting books? What on earth possessed you, woman?

Ooh! Aaah! Ihania, 'erilaisia' neulemalleja. Jos vaan ymmärtäis symboleista jotakin. Mitäs luulette, rupeaako näillä tulkinnoilla syntymään uniikkineuleita?

First of all: these books are gorgeous, full of different knitting patterns. 'Different' in the sense that you don't see them every day, there's really something in these Japanese styles. If only I could understand the knitting symbols they're using. Oh well, at least I'll certainly create something unique.


am-tm said...

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Kati E said...

Kiitos, sun pakettisi tuli. :D Ja lapset olivat ihan innoissaan...