Sunday, June 17, 2007

Angels and Demons

The Carnaval season is long gone, but there are a couple of images edged in my memory. Anne, another expat who lives and blogs in Switzerland, made herself a spectacular Viking outfit. Check this out: a fierce Viking and some more photos.

They could be sisters, couldnt't they? (Photo from a Coats leaflet)

My own demons have been rather quiet lately, it's just the angel who tries to keep me on the straight and narrow. Searching for some stuff and being struck by the size of my stash has reduced my shopping sprees, although not entirely killed them. The funny thing is that I don't even have to shop any more, things just find their way here without trying.

Last Saturday I hitched a ride to Cologne and participated in KIP day there. Daniela who runs Maschenkunst there, had some goodie bags to give out (the sock yarn and DPNs are from that bag). In addition to that, her shop is one of the few which sell my favourite circular needles, Pony's rosewood. If you visit Cologne, just don't miss Daniela's shop! She's got a wonderful variety of unusual yarns, knitting paraphernalia by Clover (like the handbag handles in the photo), magazines in several languages, but most of all, it's her personality that's the best. The shop is about 10 minutes from the Dom/Cathedral, and there are even knitting meetings on Fridays.

Summer holiday is approaching and as usually, I'm heading for Finland. A local sports seems to think that other Central Europeans are likely to do the same, and here's a couple of photos of necessary equipment, should one feel the need to conquer the Great North. Hmm. I wonder how I'm going to survive without all that.

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