Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Going back in time - in more ways than one

Once again, I was browsing through dozens of photos which I found inside of my camera. They haven't been deleted but I haven't had the time to write a story to go with them either. I'd better do that before I delete them by accident.

A while ago there was a medieval market here in Brussels. The concept "medieval" was a bit unclear, though - there were several stalls with pure junk or at I couldn't see the connection between medieval times and selling plastic items. The food seemed much more authentic: the smell of fried sausages, onions and mushrooms was just overwhelming and the drinks may have helped the fire breathers through their routine but I missed all that and just walked through the whole area, eating and drinking nothing. Stupid, I'd say afterwards, but maybe I'll get my revenge at Euroferia during the upcoming weekend. Mmm, sangria!

But let's take one thing at a time. A couple of photos from the medieval fair.

Hey kids, come and have some candy. Yes, it's free. Wait, this nice man will just take his axe and cut it into smaller pieces... Ooops. That wasn't supposed to happen....

I honestly didn't know that there's enough of demand for this kind of stuff these days.

Why not buy something to protect you during the night, when taking a late metro back home?

Whoa! Hagrid has come shopping too!

This stall was the most interesting one. I went round and around, trying to pick up the courage to see what sort of equipment and wool the ladies had, and in the end I picked up the spindle and started spinning. The wool was dirty and smelly and rough and I quickly gave up, fearing that the smell would never leave my clothes. The funny thing was that a person in "normal" clothes would get much more attention and photos taken than the ladies who were prepared to show how to spin or demonstrate other authentic skills of the medieval times.

And too bad that I was there so early in the afternoon - fire breathing would have looked spectacular in the evening.

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