Friday, March 03, 2006

Watching the time go by

Another week flew by and I just didn't find time to block my Olympic wreath yet. Each day had its theme and activities, though. It was

Migraine Monday - when I really didn't feel like touching any needles or yarn. But check out those artsy pill boxes. This must be a bad case of shop-a-holism if it takes over even at a pharmacy.

Tipsy Tuesday - is your glass half full or half empty? Actually, mine were (and remained) totally empty. One funny thing about Belgium is that there are constantly all sorts of sales promotions and campaigns going on and you just cannot avoid being offered special loyal customer cards or other benefits . Ever since last autumn I've been collecting tokens which could be exchanged for wine glasses, except that even well before that campaign was supposed to end, there were no glasses left in shops. I finally managed to find and collect my lot on the very last day.

Winding Wednesday: After a few days' break I started to feel I needed some rehab, something to do with fibers. Tried a couple of knitting ideas but got nowhere with them, so I decided to wind some hanks I'd bought during the week in Finland. I also felt I'd neglected physical exercise lately, so I put those two things together. Unbelieveable enough, those two activities worked rather well.

Trash Thursday would deserve a posting of its own, but maybe I'll spare you for now.

And today it was "Fetch your parcel from the post office" Friday

What about tomorrow, Saturday? Here's a note: remember to sow some summer flowers! It'll be spring before you know it (although it's a bit hard to believe when you wake up in the morning and see this).


Emily said...

Where did you order those books? I'm so curious as there are a few Japanese/Asian books I would like to order but I'm not sure where to do so!

The snow did look lovely, don't you think?

*groetjes* :D

AnneV said...

These books are from the Japanese Amazon. I have placed a knitting book order there a couple of times, and nowadays whenever I go to Amazon's web page, I even get suggestions of Japanese knitting books. Shopping is almost too easy, it's getting dangerous for the credit card.