Thursday, November 03, 2005

A few months ago a story surfaced in the European media: Italy was to re-introduce systems and places where mothers could leave their unwanted babies, without being seen or prosecuted. I'd heard there was one ancient Rota wheel in Rome, at the entrance of a hospital (the hospital is still fully operational, the rota isn't), so I went searching for it... and here it is.

Italia palaa keskiaikaan, kertoi Jussi jo syyskuussa. Mä lähdin ihan vartavasten etsimään tätä pyörää Roomasta, ja löytyihän se vihdoin.

The ruins were easier to find:

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am-tm said...

I've visited here,too.
I've been to Italy last March
though I'd gotten the cheap plane ticket of tour...
It was Great!! I rememmber!