Thursday, March 17, 2005

quilt detail

quilt detail

quilt detail


Tatjana said...

Wow, did you make that quilt? It looks fabulous!

Hoverspeed is still around, but they don't use hovercraft boats any more ... It's catamarans now.

Whereabouts in Finland are you? I have friends in Turku/Helsinki.

AnneV said...

Hi there! Well, I wish I could say it was made by me but no... There was a "Creativa" crafts fair here in Brussels a week ago - and I just found myself taking photos of various projects featuring cats.

(And I'm originally from Tampere in Finland, currently living in Brussels. If your friends in Turku or Helsinki are interested in knitting, chances are that some of my readers might know them. The Finnish Knit Blogs ring brings quite a lot of knitters here.)