Sunday, March 06, 2005

So, how is your Dutch/Flemish?

In a desperate attempt to keep my guest entertained, I had planned a trip to Normandy for this weekend. Didn't quite succeed: couldn't take Friday off, and the weather didn't encourage driving either, so we had to find some other activities. Like doing grocery shopping on Saturday, which was at least as exhausting as driving some 600 kilometres. For Sunday the plan was to drive to Kortrijk near the French border. First of all, there was a garden fair there, and second of all, the spring trotting season should have been opened in Kuurne. So, off we went, me armed with a couple of sock projects. Except that I did the driving, so I couldn't do the knitting. I had high hopes for the afternoon, planning to retreat to the car where I could sit and listen to music and knit. Again, that didn't quite go according to plan.

The garden show was basically ok. I knew that it would concentrate on garden equipment and machinery, not so much on plants or even seeds. Found some sunflower seeds but still no rhodochitons - the quest is still on. Had I been on my own I would have spent a lot of more time in the show but *someone* was anxious to get to the horse race track. Before going there, we decided to have some lunch, and that's when I literally ran into these textiles.

In the center of Kortrijk there was a room or a container made of glass, and these garments were hanging inside of it. Too bad that the glass reflected light so badly - I tried my best to take photos of various angles but nothing helped. The clothes were made by Gaëlle Ghesquière whose name says nothing to me, but Google claims she is a photographer. If anyone knows anything of her, please shed some light on the matter. - And as recently as yesterday an art show had opened in Kortrijk. It's based in the linen museum as well as in other spots in Kortrijk, and later it'll move to the nearby towns of Ronse, Ghent and St Niklaas.

More on the subject

What about the horse race then? Nice try. The track was so wet and muddy that the race had been cancelled. So, no gambling this time. Neither any nice knitting time - my guest refused to drive in the mad Belgian traffic.

Knitting activity during the weekend: about 5 cm on Friday night.
Other projects involving yarn: a weaving experiment has started. It requires an awful lot of yarn. I'm not sure whether I have the heart to use all the lovely shades of blues and greens I had intended to. A swatch might have been a good idea as well, but no, I had to proceed at full throttle again. Some pics should follow later this week.
Other projects not involving yarn: bought 5 bags sunflower seeds and some garden soil to put them into. The guest stayed at home and let the terrace door repair man inside, so there's hope for getting the plants watered in the summer. Yoo-hoo, bring on the spring!

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