Sunday, February 05, 2006

I've got the blues

The long Finnish rant below describes my miserable life. Or rather my lack of perspect, when even the minor problems seem unbearable. I guess sometime you just want to feel everybody and everything is against you, like Ziina's dog. Everything is fine, basically, but you just sit there out in the cold.

Some knitting project seem to be born under less fortunate stars. I don't know how many times I've ripped this whole thing apart and started again. I'm sure I would have finished two pairs of normal gloves and two pairs of mittens by now, had I knitted them separately. I've even bought and tested five different yarns for the fingers which will be only half length and covered by some sort of hood.

The pattern went: "divide the stitches equally on all the needles" and that's just what I've been doing here. What, did I misunderstand something? I thought they meant every needle of this household.

Furthermore, I'll add a couple of photos just to see how the shades of blue/green come out on my laptop at home as well as the screen at work. There are tremendous differences, although none of them will show the colours as they appear to the naked eye.

Much to my own surprise (and embarrassment) I've found my Inner Magpie. I really didn't like glitzy bling-blings before, and look at me now. Actually, I'm not going to stretch my ears with these ones but will attach these to the scarf.

And look what Kristiina sent me last week. I guess I'll start cross stitching again once the days grow a bit longer and brighter.

Yep. I know. The whole posting is rather incoherent but I really cannot remember what I was going to write last Thursday when I started this posting. After that I've spent only a few hours at home, and most of those fast asleep. However, it was a great weekend, especially Saturday, and I have quite a lot of other things to tell you, so let's leave all these blue notes behind and start a new thread. Like this one here:

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