Thursday, November 18, 2004

Kirjojahan ne tietysti oli - More books. More! MORE!!!

Fat chance of getting something nice from Santa this year. This is like all my Christmases at once. Here's a sample of the books I bought when visiting the Knitting and Stitching Show in London in October plus a few which have arrived after that. Just shocking.

Tätä kuvaa katsellessa on sitten aivan turha haaveilla mistään kivoista joululahjoista tänä vuonna. Tässä on jo useammankin vuoden joulut yhdessä kasassa. Kuvassa on kirjoja, joita ostin lokakuun alussa Lontoon messuilla käydessäni sekä muutama Ebay-tilaus, jotka on saapuneet sen jälkeen. Järkyttävää.

Cream of the crop. I’d love to write some reviews but just don’t have the time right now. I’ll leave you some links, though, and hope take a closer look rather soon.

Tässä poimittuna muutama parhaista. Kirjoittaisin mielelläni pari sanaa kaikista, mutta just nyt on taas olevinaan kiire. Laitan teitille kuitenkin muutaman linkin ja toivon palaavani arvosteluihin kohtapuoliin.

On the edge


Anonymous said...

I have "Knitting on the Edge". DROOL.
Did you get "Scarf Style"? It's amazing. I would have never thought that I would want a book on scarves!
Valentina (

AnneV said...

Valentina, thank you for your comments, but sorry, drooling is forbidden here. It takes ages to get things dry again ;-)

On a more serious note: No, I didn't get that scarf book - but if you say it's worth buying, I'm willing to reconsider. Neither could I imagine wanting a book entirely on scarves - please tell what convinced you. Instead I got "Shawls and scarves" by Nancy J. Thomas (or in fact, Knitter's Magazine) and that's great, too. Do you have further information in your blog? And why am I asking it here, I'll come and see for myself.