Wednesday, November 17, 2004

K&S, what else. Here's the stand of Mitsuko Tonouchi, whose work I admired the most at the whole show. Great ideas, impeccable techniques, outstanding colour combinations.

Clever as I am, I just managed to cut the lady's name tag out of the picture. Olga Something... (let's google a bit: Pobedeskaya!) These are her own designs on the background, and I think she took part in the fastest knitter competition, becoming second there.


Bea said...

A photo of am-tm!
Now I know how she looks like.
Thank you sooo much of showing it.

Regards, Bea

AnneV said...

I think I've got more of them on my computer at home - just didn't put them all to the blog. There was an amazing lion pattern she had made (I've seen it on her site as well, somewhere in the archives).

I must say that her work was the highlight of last year's show. Both the colours and various techniques were just breathtaking.