Monday, January 31, 2005

And now for something completely different

I'm just fed up with my yarn circus which is camping in the living room, so I thought I'd read some other blogs for a while. I found Junieann's blog (hihi, complete with stash pictures, as well as pics of her dog Vader)...and what always happens, one thing leads to another. In this case one photo led to another. I just knew I had a photo of my friend's German Shepard somewhere, and I spent a good while looking for it. And ta-da, here is the Boss from Luxembourg (well, "Boss" something is his formal name but he responds better to "Aatu"):

Greetings to Luxembourg!

And here's Vader.

(On the subject of yarns, I added some stash photos. They're below the ones I added yesterday, so if you're still interested, please scroll down.)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anne:

I just saw your comment on my blog - and love the picture on your blog of your friend's shepherd. Amazing how much these pups are alike. My dog is older now - has gray on his muzzle. He is a huge shepherd. 135 pounds and tall. We are sorry we didn't ever find a girlfriend for him. It is too late now - but then, he would have been jealous of another 4 legged human in the house. Thanks for writing.