Wednesday, January 26, 2005

In the Dutch mountains

Til fjells. Oh yes, indeed. Belgium is famous for its mountains, isn't it? Where could I ever wear sweaters like this - just had to get these pattern books.

The patterns are just great. You should be able to see them in greater detail in this link. And I'm not going to tell you how much I paid for the books but it's significantly less than for this and an earlier one on the Ebay. The price got quite close to 70 USD.

And should I get a sudden urge to start knitting these lovely Norwegian sweaters, this thimble will be a great help.

Same difference. (I had bought one earlier, lost it, and as soon as I bought another one, I found the original. Just typical. Wonder whether I can wear the two simultaneously and knit with 8 different colours.)

Back in the 80's and early 90's I was drooling over the Italian pattern books of Filatura di Crosa. Was still studying in those days and was strapped for cash, so couldn't afford each issue of them. Then they stopped selling them back home in Finland. So, imagine my frenzy when I saw that Louise was selling some back issues (see the margin on the right, "From my stash to yours".)

Ok, went a bit overboard but it was worth it. Should I take some larger/more detailed photos? Especially the white coat on the left is spectacular.


MeMoiJa said...

THE NITS! Just recently bought a compilation CD out of nostalgia.
Uhm, I said it before and I'll say it again: we were separated at birth. I have this thing of wanting a "lueckenlose Sammlung" of stuff I like. It's a desease. I understand.

Anonymous said...

No niin... Nyt mulla sitten soi päässä koko loppupäivän se Sir Elwoodin uudehko laulu, jossa mennään vuorille pohjanmaan. Vapaan assosiaation kiroja. Mutta kauniita puseroita! ;)


Louise said...

I'm so happy to hade contributed to your 'frenzy'. I'm glad they got there all right and hope you enjoy them!