Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Little Mermaid - a future project with shades of the ocean.

One ongoing project with these, three finished, at least one more idea... and there will be certainly be some left-overs. Oh well. Aika tavaran kaupittee, as we say in Finnish.

Once sorted out, these greens have top priority to be knitted.

I've got the blues. La-la-la.

No, seriously, this rhapsody in blue and green and green-blue is something that I'd like to wear in March. It might be a good idea to start knitting soonish.

Some of these have been presented earlier.. but not all of them. I think I could safely start knitting now - this should be enough for a sweater.

The project name for these is "In the jungle, the mighty jungle".

Thick mohair yarn.

Medium mohair yarn (and two big bags are missing, just realised. Should exist in dark grey and red as well.)

Thin mohair yarn.

Passionate reds - sometimes combined with purple. Purple?! Who would come to think of such a colour combination? And more importantly: who would buy such yarn???

What did I say about red and purple and green together? I don't know about you but this doesn't look too bad to me. But hey, I'm biased: it's my stash.

Look! I can do subtle and graphic as well. Not everything in my stash is so colourful.

This is especially aimed at Riikka: 14 different balls of yarn - a real surprise box. But as you can see, "mix" it is... but is it a match?

Again: I have dream. Just don't have enough time to start making it true.

Err.. Not so subtle colours.


Kati E said...

Hmmm.. Mä kallistuisin taas noihin punasiin... :-/

Minna said...

Ooksää ny aivan varma, ettet painanu copy-pastea missään vaiheessa?

t. Nimim. Ja mää kun luulin, että mulla on paljon lankaa

AnneV said...

Copy/paste ja kuvankäsittelyohjelma olis tietysti yks selitys. ;-) Mä en vaan valitettavasti ole niin taitava. Enkä jaksais istua tässä koneella kääntelemässä ja värittelemässä lankakeriä.