Saturday, August 20, 2005

Are you a hunter, a gatherer, or just plain crazy?

That was one well spent Saturday. Drove to Aachen first thing in the morning, checked whether there were any handbag handles left at Junghans-Wolle. Bought the very last pair of the larger variety, and while I was there, just had to peek into the corner where the very special offers are stored. This how it looked like:

Help! They just fell into the shopping basket, I couldn't do anything to stop them.

Let's not get into details now. I bought something, but tried to stay reasonable. (yeah, right)

Aachen is just across the German border, and on the way back I paid a visit to Maastricht on the Dutch side. A lovely, lively town and I'd say that all sorts of crafts are well-presented. Milliners, bags, beads and at least places where you can buy yarn (I have this nagging feeling that there should be four but I keep forgetting one). Oh well. Three was quite enough.

Pipoos is one of them. The Maastricht shop is an exception, most of the other shops just sell 'normal' hobby articles, but here's a variety of knitting yarns: Schachenmayr, Katia, and most recently, some Dutch yarns from Scheepjes.


KirsiÄr said...

Hetken ajan mä jo katsoin, että olet sitten saanut uuden lankahyllyn kotiisi...

AnneV said...

Juu, lassosin kiinni, sidoin auton vetokoukkuun ja hinasin kotio... Mikä olisikaan helpompaa kuin tuollainen tukussa ostaminen.