Monday, October 31, 2005

St Peter's

Here are some photos from the St Peter's Basilica and its magnificent dome at 132.5 meters. You have a choice between walking up 320 stairs or taking a lift - I walked.

going up here:

I don't know whether the elevator was relying on these chains or were they just a security measure, but I sure am glad that I decided to walk.

About halfway there.

Time to get serious. After this level you started the ascent inside of the dome walls, and your sense of direction and balance was seriously affected. At least mine was. Everything was slanted, your shoulders were brushing against the walls and you could hear other people gasping and panting (personally I didn't mind climbing the stairs, it wasn't as exhausting as I'd expected).

This was much worse: just a narrow walkway around the dome, and the people about 100 meters below you, tiny as ants.

And up we went again. Stunned by Michelangelo's dome, petrified of the heights.

Finally up there!

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Kati E said...

Mä oon kiivennyt noita samoja ihkuja kuluneita portaita. Sulla tuli varmaan ihan Davinci-koodi fiilis? Mulla ei, mut sillon vuosi oli 1991 kun mä tuolla kävin...