Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just as the previous day, I was home late in the evening (or early in the morning, depends on how you look at it). Waking up on Sunday morning, the first thing on my mind was that when I was getting ready for the Friday night skate, I must have left my bra at work. I remember being in the ladies´ room, getting changed and hanging my work-bra on a hook when putting the sporty ones on. And that’s exactly where I left them dangling. I just had to go to the office during Sunday in order to get them out of there before anyone saw them on Monday morning. Besides, I had a nagging feeling that I may have written something on my work calendar for this Sunday, just couldn’t remember what it was. So, went skippety-skip to my garage, took the car out, drove to work, met the security guard who gave me a strange look. When I got into the elevator, I saw the reason. When negotiating my way into the car, I had managed to catch some cobwebs and other dead materials in my hair. The guard must have thought I was coming straight from a Gothic party – I’m sure I still had some black mascara around my eyes as well. Gathered my dignity, picked the particles out of my hair, collected the bra from the toilet and left the building. Drove back home, and what did my old eyes see on the way there?

There was a huge flea market in the neighbourhood, one of the main roads was closed and swarming with people. Had to investigate, here are some photos from there:

Flea market. Posted by Hello

Fancy some salad? None for me, thanks. Posted by Hello

Someone may have liked this. It's an old tray with a lace doily covered with glass. Posted by Hello

A tiny glass panther running on my sofa.  Posted by Hello

Should have bought this, I guess. Posted by Hello

More glass animals Posted by Hello

Now we only need to find someone called Johnnie. Posted by Hello

and had things worked out with Johnnie, the next step would have been.. Posted by Hello

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