Sunday, June 12, 2005

A perfect weekend... almost – Melkein täydellinen viikonloppu

I should warn you – this is going to be a long message with plenty of photos. Go and get yourself a cup of your favourite drink before you sit down, this may take a while.

Taas on tulossa pitkä viesti ja paljon kuvia. Kantsii ehkä tässä vaiheessa hakea kupponen kuumaa (tai kylmää, jos se sopii paremmin säähän ja mielialaan). Minä sitten varoitin; tässä voi vierähtää hetki jos toinenkin.

My preparations for the summer weekends usually start on Thursday. I can’t go home directly from work on Friday and I have to have my gear ready by Thursday night. Ready for what? Well, for my summertime hobby number one: rollerskating! Yeeeaaah!!! There’s a Friday night skating tour around Brussels every Friday night. It’s done in co-operation with the mayor of Brussels and the local police force, involving dozens of volunteers, and some of the major streets and tunnels are closed. So, if you live in Brussels and need to go to the airport on a Friday night, please take a train to get there.

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