Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The following day we drove to Bruges which is called the Venice of the North. Those Finnish tourists wanted to get their bearings so they climbed a tower. And what was my excuse for not doing that? Well, first of all I suffer from vertigo. I reckon climbing the Eiffel tower earlier this year was quite enough. Besides, I was struggling with the Pretty Ugly Sock you've seen elsewhere in this blog, and while I was sitting on the bench and spending quality time with The Sock, I overheard a British tourist saying to someone "That is seriously, SERIOUSLY, sad." Somehow I have a funny feeling he was talking about me ;-)

Anyway, the city was just as described: pretty and bustling with tourists.

Venice of the North - Bruges

Venice II

What a great place to give a sermon:

Saarnastu... eiku siis saarnaspallo

And while I was standing on a street corner, simply minding my own business and taking photos of the square, I was practically run over by a horse. It's like one of those "what did you find in the camera after that freaky accident?" stories.

Jag de Bellouet

Oh yes, our yarn shop visits weren't that successful. I'm a nasty person, but I couldn't help having a 'serves you right' feeling when I saw that one of local yarn shops was closed, maybe forever. That's where a sales person made the unforgettable comment "Thank you anyway" when I spent only about 24 euros on yarn. --Well, this is a totally different shop, situated in Wavre, about 35 kilometres from Brussels. And just to make things interesting, just try visiting it! It's open 2-5 pm. Except when it's closed, due to a wedding. Or some other reason.

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